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Kung Fu Uniform
Ku Kung Uniform Tai Chi Kung fu uniform martial art uniform Chinese kung fu uniform
Tai Chi Kung fu uniform martial art uniform Chinese kung fu uniform
After the second World War in 1945, mainland China was taken over by communists. Under communist rule, all religions were forbidden. Naturally, all Shaolin training was also prohibited. Later, under the communist party, Wushu training was established at the National Athletics Institute. In this organization, portions of the martial training and applications were purposely deleted by the communist party in order to discourage possible unification of martial artists against the government. Performance was the goal of this organization. This situation was not changed until the late 1980's. After the communist government realized that the essence of the arts - martial training and applications - started to die out following the death of many traditional masters, the traditional training was once again encouraged. Unfortunately, many masters had already been killed during the so-called cultural revolution, and many others had lost their trust of the communist party, and were not willing to share their knowledge. After 1911, the Qing dynasty fell in a revolution led by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen. At this time, the value of traditional Chinese martial arts was re-evaluated, and the secrets of Chinese martial arts were revealed to the public. From the 1920's to the 1930's, many martial arts books were published. However, this was also the Chinese Civil War period, during which Chiang Kai-Shek tried to unify the country. In 1928, there was a battle in the area of the Shaolin Temple. The Temple was burned for the last time by Warlord Shi You-San's military. The fire lasted for more than 40 days, and all the major buildings were destroyed. The most priceless books and records on martial arts were also burned and lost. It was also during this period that, in order to preserve Chinese martial arts, President Chiang Kai-Shek ordered the establishment of the Nanking Central Guoshu Institute at Nanking in 1928. For this institute, many famous masters and practitioners were recruited. The traditional name "Wushu" (martial techniques) was renamed "Zhong Guo Wushu" (Chinese martial techniques) or simply "Guoshu" (country techniques). This was the first time in Chinese history that under the government's power, all the different styles of Chinese martial arts sat down and shared knowledge together. Unfortunately, after only three generations, World War II started in 1937 A.D., and all training was discontinued due to the war.

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Remark: Made of semitransparent purple silk with floral patterns, this attractive femineity cheongsam will take your breathe away! Featuring Mandarin collar and high side slits, it is well-tailored and in close-fitting cut. The special transparent design in the upper side is truly a perfect way to show your sylphlike figure.


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