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Ku Kung Uniform Tai Chi Kung fu uniform martial art uniform Chinese kung fu uniform
Tai Chi Kung fu uniform martial art uniform Chinese kung fu uniform
History and Principles of Wing Chun Kung Fu Wing Chun ("glorifying springtime") Kung Fu is a Chinese "internally oriented" (nei lu) martial art system. It is a recent system that was developed in reaction to "external" styles which rely upon power and strength. Wing Chun was named after a woman known as Yim Wing Chun by her husband Leung Pok To in tribute to her superior skills as a martial artist. Yim Wing Chun was taught her art by Ng Mui. Ng Mui was Abbess (female superior) and one of the "five elders" (Abbess Ng Mui, Abbot Chi/Jee Shin, Abbot Pak Mei, Master Fung To Tak and Master Miu Hin ) of the Southern Shaolin Temple, a Buddhist monastery at Mt. Sung, Honan, China. Along with the other five elders, Ng Mui survived the destruction of the temple due to the trechary of the monk Ma Ning Yee and others, during the Ch'ing Dynasty, in the late 18th century. Fleeing to the White Crane Temple on Mt. Tai, Leung Ng Mui meet Yim Wing Chun's family. A local bully was trying to force Yim Wing Chun to marry him. In a gesture of sympathy and help, Ng Mui taught Yim Wing Chun a system of self-defense to enable her to "defeat" the bully. In part, Wing Chun is famous for certain of its distinctive features, including: the mook jong ("wooden dummy"), centerline theory, the immovable elbow, and chi sao ("sticky hands" exercise). The majority of martial arts have many forms or basic exercises. In contrast, Wing Chun has only three forms:

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